“Only with courage can you practice the same values consistently”

I heard the above quote the other day whilst listening to an older episode of The Tim Ferris Show, where Ferriss interviewed Scott Belsky.

The quote resonated with me and when I first heard it I was momentarily shocked by the wisdom behind the words (not that The Tim Ferriss Show isn’t littered with great insights throughout it’s catalogue of episodes). I skipped the audio back fifteen seconds and listened to the quote again before repeating it to myself five or so times so I wouldn’t forget it.

I find myself acting differently when in the company of different people; around work colleagues, family, friends and strangers. Sometimes the facades we display don’t quite hold true to our core values and often we feel guilty after acting in a certain way.

I understand that “blending in” is normal and can give a sense of safety. But, I think I’d be more comfortable going through life truly being myself. After all, a person is only appreciated for what is uniquely their own.


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