This post is inspired by an episode of Tony Robbins’ podcast, with guest Kevin Hart. I love the content that both Tony Robbins and Kevin Hart produce, as different as it may be. I value their insights and the way they approach life. I was also in the audience for Hart’s Sydney leg of the Irresponsible tour and can attest to his belief that laughter brings people together in the most natural of ways.

However, the thing that inspired this post was the way Hart discussed his mother. I’m not going into detail about my mum (she’d kill me for posting anything about her on the internet). In short she is kind, unwavering in her faith and just as stubborn as she likes to tell me I am. What I do want to share is a lesson that she has thoroughly ingrained in me – The thoughts and energy that you put out into the world, will always come home again, eventually.

In a way I think this idea is quite logical and encouraging. On a fundamental level, it means that how you treat the world is how the world will treat you and how you perceive people has a direct relationship with how they perceive you.

For instance, if you perceive the world in a hateful way, you are limited to that field of view and will never appreciate the beauty in things.

If you confront someone with arrogance, they are going to think you’re arrogant.

If you live life with enthusiasm, you’re destined to see the opportunities presented to you.


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