I have formed a knowing inside myself that the world I see before me could not have been the subject of random chance. I’d like to think that me being born was not decided by 400 trillion to one odds, as discussed in Mel Robbins’ Ted talk ‘How To Stop Crewing Yourself Over’. I’d like to think that there’s a reason for me being here.

I believe the greatest parts of life are in the small things; the gestures that take little but mean a lot to someone who’s in a time of hardship, the tears in Dad’s eyes when he sees my sister singing on stage (even though he’d deny it), or the delicate patterns created in the smoke of a burning stick of incense.

Many of the photos I’ve taken so far have been wide shots of the landscape around me. They haven’t focused on the small things. But, each photo reflects the end result of a story that spanned billions of years; the story of how, little by little, I came to be where I was in that instant.IMG_0405IMG_0427IMG_0306IMG_0297IMG_0293


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