I find accepting praise, even when it’s deserved, extremely difficult. It’s not unusual to feel squeamish and awkward when hearing someone acknowledge your triumphs and talents. I wonder why that is.

Not allowing myself to see my victories has led to a loss in determination and self confidence. What is worse is that, now I’m writing this post, I can see that acting blind to your victories is a short step away from self loathing brought on by the feeling of not being good enough.

Maybe I’ll try to change my self talk and force myself to acknowledge and accept praise, not only as a kindness given to me by another but as a result of my own hard work.

Over the last couple of weeks photography has grown to be an essential part of my life and it is important for me to see the difference between flattery and deserved praise, knowing that they are two different things and that I’m allowed to acknowledge the small victories as they present themselves from day to day.IMG_0384IMG_0361IMG_0352

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