I have been asked, through a mentorship program at work, to answer the question, “who am I?”

I have been thinking about my answer more and more leading up to my presentation next week and have found that I am becoming more and more reserved as I edit draft after draft; therefore I decided today that I want to start over and be honest with my answer.

I have recently read ‘Resonant Leadership’ by Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee. In one of their recommended exercises, they suggest listing three or four core values, which can ultimately act as a compass in guiding one’s actions and decisions. In completing this exercise I outlined courage, loyalty, education/knowledge and creativity as four traits and values that I strive to act upon and build towards.

I know that my actions don’t always align with the above mentioned values; that is something that I can consciously work on in my development as a person. Even so,  I think that within these four values is the foundations of who I am and want to be.


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