I am of the opinion that everybody should be treated the same. In discussion with a mentor of mine, a conversation developed around how we see others and subconsciously form judgements, usually before we know anything about their story.

He asked me, as someone who has grown up working hard to overcome the restraints of my Cerebral Palsy, if I think people tend to measure others based on their own personal experiences and hardship. I have never thought about this before, but I think he raised a good point. Of course there are the societal aspects that influence our outlook on the world, but I think personal experience naturally plays a principle role as well, creating both positive and negative consequences.

On the one hand our experiences help us to form core values that act as a moral compass, assisting to form the trajectory of our life. But we also have to understand that no two people share the exact same experiences and therefore we cannot judge anyone solely on our own values. We must be empathic in dealing with other people and be open to casting away initial judgements in the hope of forming bonds. After all, although humanity is extremely diverse and many people have lived through things that I could not imagine, we are all rather similar when we get to the crux of it.


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