Some friends and family have asked why I started ‘Since I’ve Met You’ and how I came up with the name. I thought I would share a bit of my story so anyone who looks through the site can have a greater understanding of the content.

‘Since I’ve Met You’ started as a direct response to being prescribed with anti-depression medication. I guess that in a way I am combating the problem with something that I can pour all my energy into and grow deeply passionate about.

A couple of things happened on the same day as my doctors appointment that catalysed my decision to start a photography blog:

  1. I saw a post on social media of some pictures taken on 35mm film and I thought to myself, “these photos look awesome and everyone in the photos look really happy”.
  2. I finished listening to a podcast about Brandon Stanton, who is someone I’ve always thought to be inspirational.

From there I went out and bought a Canon 3000D, attached the kit lens and started taking photo after photo, posting my progression as a photographer on this site.

I know this blog won’t cure depression or anxiety, but I can say that my state of mind has dramatically improved now I’m forcing myself to view things from another perspective. Now that I’m doing something positive every day.



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