Coming out of high school I took a gap year before starting University. I had become heavily involved in music, playing gigs and fronting a couple of local bands. I told myself I should try and pursue it as a career. This was partly because I liked playing music, but mostly because all my friends dreamed of making music their life and I thought I should try and do the same.

I made a plan to take a year off studying to travel around Australia, playing bars and restaurants and earning just enough to live off of. But what did I do? I fell in love with a girl and abandoned my plan.

It’s easy for me to look back on that year and think of it as a complete waste of time. I didn’t travel Australia, my relationship ended badly and I didn’t have a steady job. But if I’m truthful, that year acted as a catalyst to getting my life sorted. It was a tough year, made up mostly of failures; but we learn a whole lot more from our failures than our successes. It’s hard to realise at the time but failures are really just a correction of direction; almost like the Lane Assist feature on a swanky new car.


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