Maybe it’s okay to be scared of showing our true selves sometimes. After all, ultimate courage is being able to accept our faults and act in honesty to the people that love us. But not everyone feels courageous all of the time.

I’ve been listening to Clairo’s album ‘Immunity’ on repeat over the last couple of weeks. I’ve not obsessed over an album like this since Bon Iver released ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’; but for some reason I feel like I’m learning more about her as a person, and therefore becoming more invested with every listen. Being able to portray yourself with such rawness is brave and extremely powerful. I hope to eventually take on that level of honesty in my day to day; trusting the strength of the relationships I’ve built and presenting myself with conviction.

Again, it’s okay not to feel courageous all of the time, but if we can’t be honest with ourselves and the people closest to us, we may end up feeling stuck. Moments of honesty are a catalyst, a force which leads to a person’s progression in life.


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