The inner west of Sydney is filled with amazing art. Every laneway has a unique splash of colour as street artists unleash their creativity away from the bustle of the congested main roads and shopping strips.

It’s amazing how much talent there is in the world, yet the vast majority remains hidden away. People are often so insecure about showing their talents – musicians and artists, and introverts whose ideas get overlooked in the workplace. I can understand why; sharing something we’re passionate about means we are sharing a significant piece of our identity, opening up about the things we care about for others to judge.

Walking through these laneways reminds me that everyone has something to share, but it’s not always easy to do so, and it’s not always easy to see at first glance. You need to take the time to know someone in order to discover their passions and potentials.

IMG_2522 editedIMG_2534 editedIMG_2547 editedIMG_2556 editedIMG_2557 editedIMG_2562 editedIMG_2565 editedIMG_2569 editedIMG_2572 editedIMG_2578 edited

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