Inner West.

The inner west of Sydney is filled with amazing art. Every laneway has a unique splash of colour as street artists unleash their creativity away from the bustle of the congested main roads and shopping strips. It’s amazing how much talent there is in the world, yet the vast majority remains hidden away. People are […]

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Maybe it’s okay to be scared of showing our true selves sometimes. After all, ultimate courage is being able to accept our faults and act in honesty to the people that love us. But not everyone feels courageous all of the time. I’ve been listening to Clairo’s album ‘Immunity’ on repeat over the last couple […]

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Some friends and family have asked why I started ‘Since I’ve Met You’ and how I came up with the name. I thought I would share a bit of my story so anyone who looks through the site can have a greater understanding of the content. ‘Since I’ve Met You’ started as a direct response […]

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